Personalized Totes

There are more on the Bags page, too. And lots more not posted.

Travel Bags… carry-on size


Fun totes

Little lunch bags with drawstring tops



An Art supplies bag for my mom



Twins of course


Diaper bag for a lady who grows apples and owns a bakery and has a scruffy dog; one busy gal!

Kid Duffles


Bonnie’s Bag… Made for a wonderful manager of the Oral Health Program, for her retirement



An inside pocket printed and fabric and photoshopped to be funny pic.

A recent favourite & all for me that I’ve been trying to make since last year

A duffle carry-on, regulation size. It has a sleeve that allows it to fit over the upright luggage handle on my big suitcase. Hooray! I love airports and destinations 😍

A few little things for HU staff who have achieved milestones in years of service. Congrats! 

This one is not actually a bag, but a cooler cover! 😏

A cheer up bag for Sam and an oddly themed diaper bag

The Carol bag…… Carol works for a software company called “SAP”, loves to garden, climb and travel the world ✈️ 
        The Shirley bag…. A much loved wife, mom and ‘Nani” who swims, loves knitting, scrabble and blues and purples 😄


For my friend Cathy, a birthday gift to recognize that she is a rooster, a great nurse and loves to quilt tho won’t admit she needs glasses!

           Soozeq bag…. She loved to sew! 


Jenn Bag, for a crafty scrap booking lover 

Guess how old she is, poor thing.



The Gail Travel tote




Bon Voyage



Gail Travel Bag

Gail Travel  Bag










Scrabble Love

Scrabble Love

I love cross stitch

I love cross stitch










Yoga Tote…. Beagle style

The Zipped Travel Tote

My dear friend Jenn’s gymn bag….. she likes daisies

The Pauline Bag

Hey! This one’s not a tote! It’s a suitcase pillow




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