Felt Foods and Felty Objects

All things here I’ve made from felt. I love working with it… so colourful and fun. And it doesn’t fray! I have several bins now full of felt foods and related objects… and I have yet to have a kid visit me who didn’t enjoy some time with it.

The laptop went to live with my friend Ben. I must really thinking about making another one for myself.

The Banana Garden

A compllete gardening experience, with rows of rich soil (pool noodles covered in brown felt, but rich soil sounds better), a variety of plantable veggies with roots…. lettuce, peas, mushrooms, carrots, beets, green onions, and a nice big strawberry plant. Everything is harvestable, too… most things just pull out with roots intact, tho the berries and peas are attached with velcro and can be attached and reattached a million times. Oh… and there is a watering can too.





It’s BBQ season!



Scroll on down to get some jam for this toast


Pickles Anyone?

Sewing Buddy essentials


There is a story here… Chicken Korean from a favourite workplace takeout spot.

chicken korean.jpg

Indoor Gardening is fun too

Felt flowers (based on this tutorial http://whileshenaps.com/2011/04/free-springtime-craft-tutorial-make-felt-daffodils.html)



Party Turtles

No party is complete without a few of these at the table. They especially like birthdays.


Campfire fun

I like the birch logs, but the marshmallows are cool too. I used real sticks and covered them in felt… nice to hold. I inserted a magnet in the ends of the sticks and did the same with the marshmallows so they have “gradability”… this is not a real word, but serves the purpose. The s’mores are there for those who are true campers.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Bananas are my favourite, as you would expect

Salt and pepper shakers actually shake. But no spills.

Strawberries in a box

Gold fishes in bags







Fresh fish (and yes, I’ve since fixed the spelling errors 😀)

A box of tea for our felt food bin ( and yes, it looks like a washing machine, but sometimes these things just happen.)


And a tea set to drink it with! 😍 


Groceries and other good things to eat

Gordon is here only because he’s cute and likes felt things too.


Gordon again, in Venice this time. Floating around on the Grand Canal. Poor Gordon; he really suffers.

Strawberry-rhubarb jam(homemade of course)

Old McDonald had a Farm

2013-06-22 20.55.27

Old McDonald had a farm hand puppets

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   2013-05-17 21.19.40

Other fun stuff made of felt


Speakers that naturally, can connect to the laptop.

Life is not complete without a S*** Magnet. And yes, it is magnetic and really works.


P1120828  P1120021                                         Projects - 0929  Projects - 0949 Projects - 1056 Projects - 1104 Projects - 1109 Projects - 1110     Projects - 1473 Projects - 1477


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