Gifty Things


Hmmm…. what is a gifty thing?  Well anything really, but here is where I’ve put things that don’t fit in the other categories… like Tater Bakers. They make a great gift when personalized or otherwise, but they are not exactly a bag, but sort of. And they are quilted too. Hmmm. And you can stuff them, so maybe they really are stufties.  I will have to think about this lots more. Anyway, here are some gifty things. Including Tater Bakers.

Baskets…. as in, one can never have too many. These are fabric, not exactly quilted, but have a batting type lining that gives them body. I made a banana basket (naturally) for my sewing room and then got carried away with others for gifts…. and well received by my friends. Personalized is nice, but not necessary. I will make hundreds more for sure.

Banana Sewing Basket.jpgBanana Sewing Basket holds lots.jpg


Kids Reading Pillows: I gave these to some special friends with a novel inserted in the little pockets. Pillows are 18″ x 18″ so nice and big and soft when covered in fleece or flannel or both. I made 8 in total for 2016 christmas gifts.

Ben Reading Pillow.jpg         Mya Reading Pillow.jpgHannah Reading Pillow.jpg               Cali Reading Pillow.jpg

Garden Flags…. for my friend Anne who has a cottage in the woods… these flags have a velcro strip for attaching additional signage…. oh, I had fun with these. Garden Flag.jpg    Garden Flag 2.jpg

A quilty sign for my friend’s new craft/sewing room

Quilty signage.jpg


My husband says these Kleenex box covers are for old people, but I say phooey to that and so do my 6 yr old friends who asked for these ( and they make awesome Barbie sofas)

Memory pillow, made from Micheal’s shirt, for his sister ( a request from a work colleague who lost her son in a tragic labour accident)


A Fishy pillow ….. This is special: Ben’s beloved fish dies and he wrote a touching poem shortly after. I copied the paper and drawing, printed it to cloth and made this memorial pillow for him for Christmas 2015. He loved it. That’s Comet in the tank…living on forever. 🙂

Kid’s apron

Projects - 0843.jpg

Notebook cover: this one is made entirely of selvedges!


Pencil cases

photo-416.jpg  IMG_0055.jpg

Tooth fairy pillows make great gifts. These next 2 went to  pair of almost 6 year olds and a stack of tiny tooth fairy receipts as well

They are roughly 8″ square, have a little pocket for the tooth and a door hanger attached 

Door signs with chalk cloth and a holder for the chalk and brush

Fall Quilted wall hangings 
  A prettied up water cooler
Now for the Tater Bakers

Projects - 0314

Tater Bakers are great!

photo 2

Just please, please don’t leave them in the microwave too long! Cloth can catch fire and so can potatoes! Yes, this happened to me: 33.33 minutes instead of 3.33 minutes. oh that little decimal point can make such a difference!

Projects - 1099

A nifty little shoe bag

Sewing Machine covers

Projects - 0977 Projects - 0976

iPad case

Pillows Galore

Bench cover

Please Visit the Softies page and Baby Stuff for more gift ideas

Car Kleenex boxes…. personalized of course and held secure on some bean bags attached with velcro

Projects - 0916Projects - 0913

Projects - 0744 Projects - 0740

Projects - 0739


Projects - 0890          Projects - 0889Projects - 0763

Projects - 0743Projects - 0470


jungle bib front jungle bib Projects - 1426 Projects - 1359 Projects - 1358 Projects - 1355 Projects - 1356 Projects - 1281 Projects - 1280 Projects - 1279 Projects - 1278 photo 1 photo 2 photo 5 photo 5 photo 3 photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 1 photo 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1120815 P1110579 P1110575

mostly babies

mostly babies

Projects - 0333

Ginger Beanies… filled with Flax for warm or cool comfort

Projects - 0709Projects - 0593 Projects - 0590 Projects - 0815Projects - 0817Projects - 0578Projects - 0577  Projects - 0405 Projects - 0404 Projects - 0409Projects - 0330 Projects - 0325Projects - 0319Projects - 0308 Projects - 0290 Projects - 0188 Projects - 0182Projects - 0181 Projects - 0180 Projects - 0179 Projects - 0168Projects - 0087 Projects - 0080Projects - 0070photo 2Projects - 1519 Projects - 1520Projects - 1492 Projects - 1494Projects - 1507 Projects - 1447Projects - 1459 Projects - 1444 Projects - 1445 Projects - 1440Projects - 1348Projects - 1350Projects - 1332 Projects - 1305 Projects - 1273 Projects - 1164 Projects - 1111Projects - 0949 Projects - 0976 Projects - 0971Projects - 0899 Projects - 0865Projects - 0863 Projects - 0859P1100523 P1100490 photo 5photo 5 photo 3 photo 5photo 4 Projects - 1482 Projects - 1473 Projects - 1477 P1130049 P1120650 Projects - 1642 P1120021 P1110757Projects - 0460photo 4photo 4Projects - 0741


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