Lots of socks… quilted, lined, personalized

Ginger Beanies

…. just felt gingerbread men, but filled with flax. They then become little comfort bags… just heat in the microwave or cool in the freezer. Personalized of course.


Quilted tree skirt, enjoyed by many in our house, even before the tree is added.


Scandanavian tomte

… a relative of Santa’s elves. During December he peeks into houses to see if children are behaving. When in your home, he can provide good luck all year long. ( the elves you buy in stores to sit on the shelf are imitations of these)














christmas pillow.jpg



Closer look at socks. Quilted, lined and personalized.


A Quilty Christmas gift Basket
Christmas Basket.jpg

Reindeer… aka Rudolph once the red nose is added.Christmas Reindeer.jpgChristmas Reindeer Rudolf.jpg




Projects - 1603Projects - 1601Projects - 0974Projects - 0903Projects - 0902Projects - 0901Projects - 0899Projects - 0898Projects - 0896Projects - 0895Projects - 0894


Projects - 1514Projects - 0898Projects - 0899Projects - 0974Projects - 0895Projects - 0893photo 2


A string of felt lights


Projects - 1199Projects - 0776photo 1photo 3Projects - 1447Projects - 1222Projects - 1203Projects - 1201Projects - 1181Projects - 1186

Spring is in the air

Projects - 0839photo 2photo 5photo 5photo 4photo 2photo 1photo 5photo 4photo 2photo 3photo 5photo 5photo 4photo 4Projects - 0910Projects - 0839



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