Homey Things

I should have added a page for this earlier, as there have been so many things made for my home and others… never too late, right?

Aprons are still part of my life, and hopefully, my friends and family too.

What is homier than the signage in my sewing room…. must do a post about that.

banana sign.jpg

And another for my friend Jenn

Quilty signage.jpgOdds and ends here😀


Needle books

Sewing machine cover

Upholstery 101


I love my clothesline…full of Meg’s cotton curtains.

New grommet curtains

Best invention ever… the microwave bowl cozy… this for my friend Leo the dog


Kleenex box covers for the twins bedrooms…. they asked for these…kids love them.


Fabric Flowers in a pot


Curtains for my friend Anne’s cottage.


My sewing journal cover made entirely of selvedges. Happiness.

A home is nothing without a few pineapples… the universal welcome symbol.


Yes, we have a giant bed…. my husband calls it the sultan. If you have 2 queen size quilts and stitch them together, this is what you get…. no easy task. 



My sewing machine coverP1070237.jpg

Tie backs in a crisp white cotton.