A little book cover

I’ve come to realize that paper and pencils still have great value in my life, and no more so than for my sewing plans and orders.

For the past year or so I’ve  been using a notebook I found somewhere… Plastic lime green cover… and every time so looked at it  I cringed.

So finally, I put together this little cover made from selvedges I’ve been collecting for ages.

It’s my first project made from these little bits and I love it! It’s lined with fusible fleece to give it body.  Cringing is over! 😀 Let the note-taking begin in style! 



Late. Late. I am so late

I have been so completely remiss in posting here; not certain why but I will blame my old and so slow Mac. And yes, I have other devices, like my beautiful iPhone 6+ that I am using in this moment but it’s not the same as the giant screen and my installed Photoshop

But this will have to do.

The other reason for my neglect here is quite simply that my most favourite toy is my fancy sewing machine and with it the creation of fun objects. Sometimes I head over to one of my computer-type devices but find my body veering in the direction of my sewing area instead. I am hopeless. My hands are a terrible mess and I would prove this with s photo but this would have you running screaming into the woods, so I won’t.

There is some travel I am doing this spring so will be away from all my toys for many days…. Perhaps I will feel like posting then? This remains to be seen.😄

Hooray! I’ve discovered the ever so easy to use WordPress app for my iPhone so  no excuses now

I’ve even added a new page for totes since the old ones were getting buried on the Bags page

Check it out the Personalized Totes page in the Bags section

But meanwhile, gaze upon this sweet guy made from a pattern from While She Naps, Ferdinand the frog. In this pic he is celebrating his birth. And why not? He is adorable, I think.

The guy up above? We are not sure who he is. If you recognize him, do let me know.


A special pillow

Those who know me are aware I had surgery this year to fix a tendon tear in my shoulder.

I had a wonderful doc and an awesome PT….. Lisa McClusky.  This in no way diminishes my wonderful massage therapist, Stephanie Kruuk who got me through the past several years!

As a thank you to Lisa, I made her this rather giant pillow …a take-off from her business card. It’s pouffy, puffy and blue and I so enjoyed making it for her. It’s all cotton, but for the appliqué which is cut from felt to give somewhat of a 3-D effect.

Here is it for  you to see.

2014-11-04 10.51.36

Lisa McClusky S.P.O.R.T..S.   PT

Lisa McClusky
S.P.O.R.T..S. PT


Market Bag Tutorial

This looks like a great idea for boxed corners! I’ll try it!

Mom's Sewing Room

Here is a tutorial for the market bags that I made.  It is not an original pattern; I copied it from a bag that I saw in a store.  The only thing special about it is the way the square bottom is made.  The measurements given are for a nice-sized grocery bag, but it could easily be adjusted to other sizes.  I think it would make a great lunch sack in a smaller size.  Maybe I’ll make some for back-to-school in the fall.

Fabric requirements:  1/2 yd of a medium to heavy weight fabric like twill or denim

Fold in half with wrong sides together.  Cut three inches off of the selvage edge (not the fold).

Measure 2 inches from the folded edge.

Fold the upper half of the fabric along the 2 inch line.  I do this at the ironing board.  Place ruler along the fold, fold the fabric…

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This is fun; to see my things on another site

I had a notice earlier this month that something I had made would be featured on Embroidery Library’s showcase and low and behold, I checked and there it was! I did have fun making these pillows. See the post here. Embroidery library is a great site for machine embroidery designs; I have purchased many over the years and can attest to their extensive collection, reasonable prices and  quality stitch-outs. Thanks for the showcase, EL!

special pillow for my dear friend Jell

special pillow for my dear friend Jell

Taylor pillow with design from EL

Taylor pillow with design from EL


Shark Attack

Well it’s been awhile and with lots of good reasons,  but suffice it to say life has been full lately. Finally some down time today and a chance to dig out the fleece and create something fun for a special little guy who is turning 5. He already has a grey one but this fellow (pattern from Abby Glassenberg) is bigger and better and bluer and comes with its own lunch!

Happy birthday dear Tom!

A beautiful  blue shark with his lunch swimming nearby

A beautiful blue shark with his lunch swimming nearby

photo 4

A big shark and dome little fishied

A big shark and some little fishies


Down by the sea again: I can’t help myself… I love the mermaids! And they have some new friends.

I can’t wait to give these to some special friends… so please keep things quiet!! Check out the shiny seahores and fishes… more on that later. The Fish, you see, may become shark food down the road. Ouch for the fish.




Mermaids in the making

photo 5        photo 4



And all in a row, ready for the pool

photo 2 photo 1

Shiny, happy Sea horses

image photo 3

imageJust hanging out in their basket, waiting for the right conditions.